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Bill Frye Turns Up the Heat in Texas
March 23, 2002
By Michelle Petroff

KILGORE, TX. Bill Frye picked up his third win of the 2002 season at the SUPR Lone Star Shootout. The team had an impressive run in their heat race only to be passed on the last lap. Their less than desirable starting position of 11th made them hope for a top 5 finish in the feature but Bill took the lead on lap 33 from Kelly Boen and smashed the loud pedal all of the way to victory lane. Frye seems to be as hot as the weather in the South will all three of his wins being in Arizona, Mississippi, and now, Texas.

The top ten were:
1. Bill Frye
2. Sam Patrick
3. Jon Mitchell
4. Al Purkey
5. Rodney Wing
6. Robbie Starnes
7. Rob Litton
8. Marlon Wild
9. James Ward
10. Ryan Plaisance