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Another Martian Landing for Frye
May 12, 2002
By Michelle Petroff

LITTLE ROCK, AR. Bill Frye picked up his first MARS win of 2002 after several hard-charges and near finishes. The MARS series has been plagued by rain but the events were able to get in at I-30 Speedway but Mother Nature left her mark as track conditions were extremely rough. Frye started six but had what it took to win the race - strong nerves, a foot made of steel, and a firm grip on the wheel. By lap 14, Frye had an impressive 10 car length advantage and road the rest of the race out unchallenged. The top ten finishers were: Bill Frye, Wendell Wallace, Terry Phillips, Jeff Taylor, and Leslie Essary, Donnie Barnhart, Jeff Floyd, Dewaine Hottinger, Shane Harris, and Jason Snodgrass. The win brought the Frye team closer to current points leader Wendell Wallace as there is now a 14 point difference.