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Frye Rallies to West Plains Win
May 18, 2002
By Michelle Petroff

WEST PLAINS, MO. Bill Frye took the checkered flag after a heated dual in the first half of the event between Leslie Essary and Rex McCroskey. The battle was ended as a yellow flag was brought out on lap 10 and this allowed Frye to rocket past McCroskey and hunt down Essary who had a 10 car length lead on the pack. As they entered lap traffic, the gap narrowed and Frye was able to get past his competition on lap 35. Terry Phillips, the event's hard charger, was able to get past Essary for second after a caution on lap 36 but Frye was untouchable and his win has narrowed the points gap to 6 points. The top ten finishers were: Bill Frye, Terry Phillips, Leslie Essary, Mike Bowers, Wendell Wallace, Donnie Barnhart, Jeff Floyd, Jeff Taylor, Stacy Taylor, and Billy James.